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..... Mariana was very likely born in her father's hotel at 36 Bowery, New York City, but lived at "The Washington" hotel at 1 Broadway and the family farm in Elizabeth, New Jersey, for most of her childhood. It isn't known how she met Luther Briggs. They may have attended the same church, although they lived in different neighborhoods of Brooklyn by the time they married. Mariana died of tubercular pneumonia at her father's house at 167 Union St., Brooklyn. She had contracted the disease about the previous August. She also suffered from "intermittant fever." Stanton Smith's notes say that she first contracted malaria, but this isn't mentioned in her death certificate. Was the fever malarial? Her funeral was at 167 Union and she was buried the same day in the Briggs family plot in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn. Her sister Ada married Luther Briggs and raised Mariana’s daughter Harriet and her own two children. Ada said that she "rolled the hoop" in Bowling Green, a small park across the street from 1 Broadway, and it is reasonable to think that her siblings did as well.

child of Mariana Bartlett and Luther Briggs:

Harriet Scott b. 12 April 1871

vital records sources: Mariana's birth information comes from family records compiled by Stanton M. Smith. The date appears on her gravestone, Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, and her age at death on her death certificate confirms these other records. Her marriage is recorded in the Brooklyn marriage register for 1870, certificate #622. There is also a personal marriage certificate (apparently given by the minister) in family posession and a notice in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (4/21, p. 13). Her death is recorded in a Brooklyn death certificate, 1872 #1237, on her gravestone and was reported in the Eagle (2/9, p. 3) and The New York Times (same date, p. 5).

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