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     The earliest document found that likely mentions Ebenezer is the adult baptism of a man with that name at the First Church at Cambridge on 15 September 1700.(1) This year may be significant given that his death record points to a birth year of 1679. If so, he came of age in 1700. He is generally thought to have been the son of John Redding and Mary Bassett. They married and had a daughter in Sandwich whose birth is recorded in 1677. The family supposedly moved to Weymouth, Massachusetts, in 1679 and Wells, Maine, in 1680. (York Deeds show John was there in 1690 to 1693. It was then on to Ipswich by 1698, then Gloucester. John deposed in Boston on 17 November 1683 that he was about 30, formerly of Casco Bay and that he had been a fisherman with his father at "Mair Point" in Gloucester before the war. Thomas Redding, the presumed father of John, was named as a former owner of a piece of land at "Mair Point Neck" in Gloucester in an Essex County deed. John's first wife Mary died and he married a woman named Jane by the time they were in Gloucester. John died there on 17 November 1716. Obviously their life at sea led them to live in various ports. Ebenezer was not a seaman, but how and why did he end up in Cambridge when his family was in Essex County? There are no other Redding families to stand as alternatives to that of John and Mary to which Ebenezer may have been attached. As an adult he was free to live where he wished, provided he wasn't at risk of needing public support.

children of Ebenezer and Mercy (Miller) Redding:(2)

i. William b. 7 November 1706
ii. Mercy b. 30 March 1708
iii. Hannah b. 8 February 1709/1710
iv. Ebenezer
v. Margaret b. April 1716
vi. Moses b. 8 October 1717
vii. John b. August 1719
viii. Deborah b. April 1722
ix. Lydia b. July 1724
x. Thomas b. 29 March 1727

vital records sources: Ebenezer's first marriage is recorded in "Middleborough, Mass., Births, Marriages and Deaths," in The Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 2 (1900), p. 157. The second marriage is in Vol. 5 (1903), p. 40, by "Peter Thacher." Joanna was the widow of Elisha Vaughn. Ebenezer's death appears in First Church of Middleborough, Massachusetts; Mr. Putnam's Century and Half Discourses (etc.), p. 83, "aged ab't 72."

1. Records of the Church of Christ at Cambridge in New England, 1632-1830, p. 59.
2. The births of their children are recorded in the Middleborough vital records cited above (William in Vol. 2, p. 105; Mercy, Hannah, Ebenezer in Vol. 3, p. 85; Margaret and those after her in Vol. 7, p. 241, not all have days of the month given).

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