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Comfort King's mark on one of Ebenezer's probate papers

     Comfort is among the children of Thomas and Mary whose Bristol County, Massachusetts, births are not recorded. A deed from Ebenezer Briggs to his "mother" Mary King of Dighton, Massachusetts, widow of Thomas, places Comfort in this family. Comfort was administrator of her husband's estate. An inventory of his estate was taken on 30 March 1725 but wasn't presented to the court until 16 May 1726.(1) It is odd that the following day Comfort signed a document binding her, as administrator, to bring in an inventory by the following August. That may have been done as a formality. Perhaps that step, which is routine in probate actions, had been overlooked. She is referred to as Comfort Briggs throughout this time. The following account is found in Ebenezer's probate papers. From this, a small view into her world as a widow can be found, such as the help that her brothers-in-law gave her and an array of doctors who attended the family within two years time.

The accompt of Comfort Chub late Comfort Briggs widdow and administratrix to the estate of her late husband Ebener. Briggs late of Dighton desed intestate

The accomptant charges herself with all & singular the goods, chattles, rights and credits excluded in an inventory into the Registry of the Court of Probate for the County of Bristol

The personal estate being 105 lbs

advance upon paire of oxen 1
[lb] -- [shillings] -- [pence]
rcd of Thomas Jones -- 9 --
rcd of Mary Paul -- 9 --

The accomptant prays allowance for the payment of sundry debs as followeth

imps to funerall charges 3 14 --
to Doctor Dean 4 10 --
to Doctor Hall 4 15 9
to my brother Thomas Briggs for fetching ye
1 10 --
to Doctor Arnold -- 11 --
to John Briggs 1 8 --
to Matthew Briggs 1 14 --
to Epharim Allwood 2 7 6
to the Town Bank 1 5 --
to Isacca Pool -- 18 --
to Deacon Shaw -- 16 6
to Silvester Richmond -- 9 6
to Letter of Adminstration -- 10 --
Recording the inventory and allowing it -- 5 --
accomptant prays allowance for two yearling
[calves?] lost 3 [60?]
and eight sheep lost 3 -- --
to one bull 4 10 --
and also prays allowance for the provisions prised in ye inventory since expended viz. to Indian corn twelve bushels
[aprised?] at [?] 3 12 --
31 16 03

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brought from the other side 31 16 03
to beaf and pork prized at 1 17 --
to Benjamin Briggs for tending corn, getting firewood, making fence and tending cattle 5 10 --
to Thomas Briggs for hay and work done since the death of my husband 8 5 --
to two years rates that I have paid since his death 3 15 7

The accomptant prays allowance for the maintainance of her aged mother two years the sum of 00 00 00
to the apprizers -- 6 --
to the charges of the bondsmen 2 -- --
the administratrix for necessary implements for house keeping 8 -- --
to drawing allowing and registering this act 10 s
61 9 10

Comfort mark x Chub

The account was presented and approved at court in April 1727 (no day given). This indicates that the date of Comfort's marriage to Pasco Chubb occurred in 1727, the date given in the Dighton town records being in the Old Style (1726). A division of Ebenezer's estate was made 8 April 1729.

"We set off to his widdow and relick for her full third part of the deceased real estate being twenty seven acres three quarters and two perches of the said deceased home=stead with the westerly room in the dwelling house thereon...and concerning the personal estate the widdow has improved her third of the personal estate to her own use so that she could not present it to our view as she said, and her third as appears by the inventory amounts to 14=11=06 And she shewed us no more personal estate to be divided amongst the children only 25 pounds in value as in perticulars hereafter mentioned which was 4 l [lbs] 3 s [shillings] 0 d [pence] short of 2/3rds of said personal estate. The division of the personal estate is as followeth - To the widdow her third of the personal estate in her hands already amounting to 14=11=06.

children of Comfort King and Ebenezer Briggs:(2)

Mary b. abt. 1714
Ebenezer b. abt. 1716
John, b. abt. 1718

children of Comfort King and Pasco Chubb:(3)

Jabish b. 9 November 1727
Ephraim b. 3 March 1729/1730
Hannah b. 7 November 1733

vital records sources: Comfort's marriage dates come from the Dighton town vital records.

1. Ebenezer's probate information comes from the original papers held in Bristol Co. as microfilmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
2. His children are named in his probate papers, and they are listed in a gaurdianship paper very likely in chronological order of birth.
3. Dighton town vital records.

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